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Please submit this completed form for All returns. We WILL NOT accept returned parts if they do not come with this form.

In order to complete this form, you must contact Kurt Hydraulics at for an RMA # prior to submission.

This return is valid through 2019-11-21.
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Defective Parts Questionnaire
1. How did the product fail
(installation or operating)?
2. Where is the failure on the assembly?
3. How long was the hose in service?
4. What was the operating temperature
of application?
5. What was the pressure of the application?
6. Is manual handling of the hose
required or is the hose a fixed application?
7. What crimping machine was used
to assemble the coupling?
8. What was the crimp diameter and how was
it located on the shell?
9. What is the lot number or date code
on the parts and hose?
10. Were protective guards used
in the application?
11. Are there any other details of the
application that you feel are significant?
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