Made in the USA for over 35 years

The Kurt Difference

Innovating. Improving. Impressing.

What makes Kurt Hydraulics different? It starts with what we put into our products, passion that leads to profound pride, and the endless desire to deliver perfection on time, every time. We know you deserve and demand our very best. That’s why we’ll never settle for good enough.

Kurt Hydraulics has been a U.S. manufacturer of hydraulic couplings and
systems for over 35 years. We offer a full line of  hydraulic couplings and a complete line of high quality hydraulic hose tested beyond SAE specifications.  Kurt Hydraulics’ hose and couplings are sold through a comprehensive network of distributors in North America.

History of our Lyman Nebraska Manufacturing Facility


Owned by Couplamatic who was a manufacturer of swage couplings for 100R1 and 100R2 hose.


Purchased by Samuel Moore & Company who Controlled 80% of the Market for Bundled Hose Assemblies in the U.S. and began producing 100R7 Couplings in 1968.


In 1978 Samuel Moore Company was sold to Eaton Corporation who took over ownership of the Lyman Facility.

1984- Present

Kurt Manufacturing Purchased the Facility in Lyman in 1984 and continues to operate it today.

A Legacy of Excellence

Founded in 1946 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Kurt helps businesses succeed through best-quality contract machining, aluminum die casting, screw machining and custom product solutions. Kurt’s unparalleled engineering expertise and legacy of excellence come together to produce best-in-class products.

100% employee-owned and operating over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, Kurt is a bright beacon in manufacturing. With over 500 non-unionized workers, we’re positioned to be a leading employer for years to come.

Kurt’s Core Four

Four ways we lead the way.

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Since 1946, we’ve helped our clients exceed their own expectations by elevating ours.

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We stay on top of the latest trends with the fastest, most innovative machines and processes.

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We’re focused on creating painstakingly perfect products because our clients demand it.

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No matter the volume or demand, Kurt is always there to deliver.

We’re on a Mission:
We aim to be the world’s foremost manufacturer of innovative metal components and products that have the power to enhance and elevate lives with unsurpassed precision and quality.