Braided Hydraulic Hose

Braided Hydraulic Hose Meets SAE Domestic and DIN International Standards

Kurt Hydraulics has the largest inventory of braided hydraulic hose in the United States. Our braided hydraulic hose is designed for medium to high-pressure applications and is constructed of the highest quality materials. With oil-resistant synthetic rubber inner cores, high tensile steel wire braiding, and abrasion, weather, and ozone resistant synthetic rubber outer covers, Kurt Hydraulics’ braided hydraulic hose is ideal for nearly any hydraulic application.

Our braided hydraulic hose is used in a number of industries throughout the world. A global distribution network makes Kurt Hydraulics a US-based company with a worldwide scope. All of our braided hydraulic hose is manufactured to meet SAE domestic and DIN international standards and is available in several pressure grades, including:

  • SAE R1S (DIN EN 853 1SN)
  • SAE R2S (DIN EN 853 2SN)
  • SAE R16S
  • SAE R17

For high-pressure applications, we also have our own specialty braided hydraulic hose, the Kurt Tuff hydraulic hose. Braided hydraulic hose is available in inside diameters of ¼” to 2,” depending on grade. Our hose is temperature rated from -40°F to +212°F, and meets flame resistant MSHA designation. Kurt Hydraulics’ braided hydraulic hose is rated up to 5800 PSI WP and 23200 PSI BP, varying by grade and hose diameter.

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