Specialty Hose

Specialty High-Pressure Hydraulic Hose Products

At Kurt Hydraulics, we stock carpet cleaner hose for high-pressure cleaning applications. It features a special non-marking neoprene cover over high tensile wire braid reinforcement. These high-pressure hydraulic hose products are available in a 1/4″ inside diameter (size 4).

Jack hoses from Kurt Hydraulics are a specially designed high-pressure hydraulic hose for use in jack systems. Our jack hoses are built for compatibility with Enerpac and Powerteam jacks, as well as other jack applications. We are America’s leading supplier of jack hoses and can also supply fittings, spring guards, and warning tags that work seamlessly with the high-pressure hydraulic hose design to provide complete jack hose systems for our customers.

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Specialty Standard and Low-Pressure Hydraulic Hose Options

In addition to our braided hydraulic hosespiral hydraulic hose, and thermoplastic hydraulic hose, Kurt Hydraulics also manufactures a range of specialty hoses for use in hydraulic and non-hydraulic applications. All of our hydraulic hose options are manufactured to the same high standards of quality as our standard hydraulic hoses.

Our 1SN pressure wash hose is made from water-resistant synthetic rubber, with high tensile steel wire braid reinforcement. Available in 500-foot reels, and in 50 and 100-foot lengths.

Kurt Hydraulics’ SAE 100 R14 stainless steel hose is extremely chemical-resistant and can be used to transport a number of materials. With its high-temperature resistance (rated up to 450°F); this hose can be used in “hot” applications. We offer over 200 different hose fittings and couplings for this specialty hose. Both our stainless steel hose and its fittings are made in the USA.

Our SAE 100 R5 hose is ideal for a number of medium pressure applications. It can be used for hydraulics, air, water, and oil, and is DOT-approved for use in air brake systems. This hose features both a cotton textile inner braid along with a higher tensile steel wire braid for reinforcement. We have over 600 hose couplings and fittings available for our 100 R5 hose. It is an easy-to-install, low-cost option.

Kurt Hydraulics’ SAE 100 R3 hose is made for low-pressure hydraulic applications. It features a synthetic rubber tube and cover, with two high tensile synthetic textile braids as reinforcement. We also offer a complete line of couplings with many different end configurations.

We carry SAE 100 R4 suction hose for hydraulic systems. This high-quality hose is available in sizes 12 through 32. Its construction features textile reinforcement with helix wire to prevent collapse under negative pressure (suction). Kurt Hydraulics supplies over 300 different end connectors for use with our suction hose.

Our refrigerant beadlock hose is made in the USA by Goodyear. It is made for use with R12 and R134A refrigerant systems in cars, trucks, and other automotive applications. This hose is specially designed to prevent refrigerant leakage and permeation. We stock a wide selection of beadlock couplings for this hose, which are fully interchangeable and compatible with other companies’ fittings.

Kurt Hydraulics’ air brake hose is made for semi truck air brake systems. We sell bulk air brake hose in 250-foot lengths. We also sell a variety of end connectors and pre-made hose assemblies. All our fittings are field attachable, requiring no special equipment or tools. Our air brake hose and couplings are made in the USA.

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