Hose Crimpers

Kurt Hydraulics manufactures our own hose crimper line that includes the Kurt KH-60 and KH-60-P (Portable) hose crimpers. Designed and produced at our Pueblo, CO production facility, we are proud to offer a hose crimper solution that provides flexibility and compatibility with universal crimping tools.

Both Kurt brand hose crimper models feature heavy-duty, 60+ ton capacity, fully adjustable crimp settings, and 1/8″ to 1.25″ 6-wire capability. The maximum crimp capacity is 2.75″ for the KH-60 model and 2.5″ for the KH-60-P. Both hose crimper models are interchangeable with Dayco dies. Click each model’s respective link for more information and specifications.

  • KH-60 Requires 110V – 15 amp electrical service
  • KH-80 requires 220V – 20 amp single phase electrical service
  • KH4-50 requires 220V – 20 amp three phase electrical service