Kurt Tuff Spiral Flex Hydraulic Hose – KTSF-20



For extremely high pressure spiral hydraulic hose applications, Kurt Hydraulics supplies Kurt Tuff Spiral Flex hydraulic hose. The newest product in our line, Kurt Tuff spiral hydraulic hose is superior to standard SAE/DIN rated hoses in every way. This high quality specialty product was designed and engineered by Kurt Hydraulics’ in-house development team to push the performance parameters further than any standard spiral hydraulic hose.

Spiral Hydraulic Hose for Increased Performance in High-Pressure Applications

Kurt Tuff Spiral Flex hydraulic hose is built to withstand significantly higher pressures than other spiral hydraulic hose products. It can reach up to 6235 PSI WP and 24940 PSI BP, varying by diameter. It is available in sizes from ¾” to 1-¼” inside diameter, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°F to +250°F. Our Kurt Tuff spiral hydraulic hose is not only lighter than other products of its type; it offers increased flexibility, strength, and resistance to abrasion and damage. You can expect this premium spiral hydraulic hose to last four times longer than standard spiral hydraulic hose—Kurt Hydraulics’ Kurt Tuff Spiral Flex hose has been tested and proven through 1 million impulse cycles.

Kurt Tuff Spiral Flex hydraulic hose is a superior product that delivers unrivaled high-pressure performance. Contact Kurt Hydraulics to place your order today, or for more information about Kurt Tuff spiral hydraulic hose.

Additional Information

Hose I.D.

1 1/4


Agriculture, Construction, Industrial, Logging, Marine, Mining, Mobile Equipment, Oil & Gas

Coupling SeriesJJ
Hose O.D.1.79
Min. Bend9.5
Min. Burst21,000
Rated W.P.5,250