SAE 100R7, DIN EN 855 Hydraulic Hose – R7-16



Kurt Hydraulics’ SAE R100 R7 hose is ideal for medium pressure hydraulic systems, such as machine tool applications and lift equipment. Our R7 hose offers a unique construction of thermoplastic nylon inner tube, synthetic textile braiding as reinforcement, and a urethane cover. The SAE R100 R7 hose is available in eight sizes between 1/8” I.D. and 1” I.D.

Our R7 hose hydraulic hose is rated between 1000 and 2500 PSI working pressure, and 4000 and 10,000 PSI minimum burst pressure, depending on diameter. Working temperature range is from -40°F to 212°F. Its urethane covering is abrasion, ozone, and weather resistant. The smooth, glossy urethane cover on our R7 hose also gives it great visual appeal.

SAE R100 R7 Hose Varieties:

Standard R7 Hose: will conduct electricity, and features black outer covering.

Non-conductive R7 Hose: blocks electrical flow and features orange outer covering.

Kurt Hydraulics also manufactures twin line versions of both our standard and non-conductive R7 hose, for in- and out-flow of hydraulic pressure. In addition to common two-hose configurations, we can also produce specialty, multi-hose setups. Our custom thermoplastic multiple R7 hose creations can include as many hose lines as your application requires. Contact us directly for more info on custom multi-hose manufacturing.

Kurt Hydraulics has the most complete line of couplings and fittings for R7 hose in the world. We offer over 700 different couplings, including both crimped and swaged varieties. Our R7 hose fittings are made in the USA from US steel, and are the best quality hose couplings on the planet.

For higher pressure applications, see our SAE R100R8 thermoplastic hose.

Contact Kurt Hydraulics to place your order or for more information on our R7 hose.

Additional Information

Hose I.D.



Agriculture, Construction, Industrial, Logging, Marine, Mining, Mobile Equipment, Oil & Gas


200 Ft. Reel

Coupling SeriesSTD, R7
Hose O.D.1.38
Min. Bend6.00
Min. Burst4,000
Rated W.P.1,000