Springs for Jack Hose – HJK04-95



Spring hose guards are Kurt Hydraulics’ most versatile hose guard products. While most commonly used on construction equipment, these unique hose guards can be applied in any number of situations to offer protection against abrasion, impact, and accidental compression.

Our spring guards slide on over hydraulic hose, and can run the full length of the hose. For applications where you only need hose guards in areas where potential hazards are the greatest, the spring guards are available four standard sizes or bulk lengths to meet the needs of any application.

Sizes Available for Spring Hose Guards (I.D.):

0.84 (Part # SG-.84)

0.97 (Part # SG-.97)

1.06 (Part # SG-1.06)

1.66 (Part # SG-1.66)

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