Hose Guard Products

Hose Protection Extends the Usable Life of Your Hydraulic Hoses

Hose protection can extend the working life of your hydraulic hoses by providing a buffer between the hose and harsh environments. A vast majority of hose failures in the field are the direct result of external wear and damage. Kurt Hydraulics’ Hose Guard hose protection products are designed to protect your hydraulic hose from a wide range of potential hazards. We have a wide selection of different hose protection product styles in stock and can offer outstanding pricing and availability. All of our hose protection products are made in the USA.

Our most basic hose protection product is nylon sleeving. These woven nylon hose guards slide on over hydraulic hose and provide hose protection against abrasion, leaks, and wear. Nylon sleeving also protects operators from leakage or fluid spray from damaged hoses. Multiple Hose Guard sizes are available for all applications.

For hose protection in the most heavy-duty applications, Kurt Hydraulics offers spring guards that deflect even the most intense impact and abrasion. Our spring guards are available in bulk lengths and a variety of sizes for hose protection that works for you.

Kurt Hydraulics offers spiral steel wrap, or steel armor guard, for ultimate hose protection. This extra heavy-duty hose protection has a flat steel armor that is designed to protect hoses from crushing and other dangers.

Spiral poly wrap, also called plastic hose wrap, is designed for lighter duty hose protection applications. Somewhat similar to spiral steel wrap, the spiral poly wrap from Kurt Hydraulics is made from helix-cut plastic and is available in 10 sizes, from 0.38” I.D. to 3.9” I.D.

Along with our variety of hose protection products, Kurt Hydraulics also stocks warning tags to advise operators and uses of potential dangers and hazards. These warning tags are specifically made for use with our jack hose products and jack hose systems.

Kurt Hydraulics’ hose protection products will help keep your equipment and machinery working through tough conditions. Guarding your hydraulic hoses and other hoses against damage will minimize downtime and reduce repair and maintenance costs.